In the Inland Northwest we're determined to grill year round no matter the weather.

Fire up your outdoor cooking experience with a new grill by Saber!

Saber grills are engineered with an attention to detail which combines the durability needed for all-season grilling with innovations that eliminate those pesky outdoor cooking quirks, making the grilling experience an absolute pleasure.

Visit the Saber website or the Saber Youtube channel for product details and grilling info.

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Zonal Cooking

With the SABER patented cooking system, you can chose the number of cooking zones you use at any one time depending on how many you are serving and the meal you are cooking. No need to overheat your grill and waste gas. Use only what you need.

Infrared Heat

All SABER grills cook with infrared heat, locking in natural juices and moisture into your food. The SABER patented cooking system vents air away from the cooking surface, keeping your food juicy. Flare-ups are eliminated and food cooks more quickly and efficiently.

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