Preparing your fireplace for the cold season


After a cold winter's day, many people expect to come home and light up their fireplace without an issue. However, some problems can occur simply based on a change in climate, or the length of time since the unit was last used. Regular cleaning and maintenance not only contributes to your fireplace performing better, it also helps ensure longevity so that you can reliably enjoy warmth and comfort for years to come.

Here are a few suggestions on seasonal maintenance to make sure your fireplace is ready for the cold months.

Power Outages

  • Winter brings winter storms! Make sure you have spare batteries on hand to install in back up systems (if equipped).

Fan System Cleaning

  • If the fireplace has not been used over the summer and fall, dust has most likely accumulated in the blower system.

Cleaning The Glass

  • Cleaning of the glass door should be a standard part of seasonal maintenance for any fireplace owner. Check out this fireplace glass cleaning video to learn more.

Cleaning The Firebox & Logset

  • The firebox interior and logset should be cleaned periodically to remove any debris. The control compartment and firebox should be kept dust and lint free.
  • For a comprehensive look at cleaning and caring for your fireplace, check out this resource from Montigo.

Additional Maintenance

  • The arrival of the new year is a perfect opportunity to call for an annual service appointment. Inspection and service of all major components including the pilot, burner, gaskets, and safety controls is always a great idea to make sure your fireplace continues to be a reliable source of heat!

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